Never Forget!


BDGonG's strategy is to build a better world inside of You, and so the better world around You. Congratulating Your friends, relatives, or partners, and getting everywhere in-time is a perfect way to achieve the rich human connection, which will change You for a better life. Keeping Your life organized, You will see how life organizes Yourself.


You would say such tool as BDGonG is embedded in most mobile devices, there is a lot standalone software of the same purpose, all social networks provide automated greeting or reminding service, based on Your friends list contact information. But what if you re-install or simply turn off Your computer?.. Change the phone gadget?.. Stay away from the social networks, where obviously not everyone of Your friends or relatives is registered?.. It would mean re-installing the whole list of birthdays/events again and again, killing the time for unnecessary things. BDGonG just helps to keep all events to remind in one place, permanently.


BDGonG is programmed and launched by Paul Puzyrev, the leading developer of the world-famous forum software miniBB®. Like it was in 2001 with miniBB, in 2011 I was wondering to find an easy, straight and absolutely quick tool to keep my friend's birthdays list and drop quick reminders on my mobile phone, and I wasn't able to find the one, which would completely suit my minimalist taste and requirements. Most services were either discontinued, either too heavy to learn and open, either it was complicated Google calendar or temporary Facebook. That's why I decided to program my own tool, applying my best experience and knowledge just for one tiny purpose. I hope You will enjoy using it, like me.

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