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bdGong ("birth-day gong") was initially planned as the online tool to remind about birthdays, but currently may be used for any scheduling purpose (anniversaries, appointments, meetings, deadlines etc). It will keep you reminded wherever you are: notifications could be sent to Your e-mail address, or via SMS mail to Your mobile phone.

bdGong's features include periodic or one-time events, events calendar, and the exact time to remind basing on the time zone settings You specify. It is designed to be as simple as possible, convenient for all ages, and as quick as possible, that specially makes it suitable for mobile devices. bdGong is 100% free to use, and available in few languages! If You still don't have an account, take a minute to set up below. Enjoy! :)
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Translations wanted! We look for freelance translators who would help us to translate our content to Your native language. Translations from English or Russian to Your language, there are about 2000 words to translate. We can offer a disputable payment for this, or a permanent link to Your profile or service website. Interested? Contact us now!

Ищем переводчиков для перевода интерфейса и контента проекта bdGong. Переводы с русского или английского на Ваш язык, общим объёмом текстом около 2000 слов. Можем предложить за это разумную оплату или информацию о Ваш и Вашем сервисе с перманентной ссылкой на него. Заинтересовались? Пишите!
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